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Electronics, Embedded systems, IoT
There is the experience using the Microcontrollers: Intel, Zilog, Atmel, Atmega, Motorola, Silabs, Energy Micro, Nordic Semiconductor, Cypress, Texas Insrument, Cortex, STM, NXP, Altera, ARM, Analog Device.
In the main, all projects was implemented on the base of microcontrollers: ARM Cortex-M, STM32, EFM32, NXP, Texas Instrument, Microchip, Atmel, SiliconLabs, Sypress.
There is the work experience with LCDs and LEDs (characters, graphics), keyboards, power components (relays, contactors, frequency converters Danfoss), ADC, DAC, GPRS modems (Telit, SimCom, Siemens, Motorola), GPS modules, graphic LCD (FSMC, LTDC), a wide range of devices that support interfaces SPI, I2C, RS-232, RS-485, USB, SDIO, IrDA, KAMAK, ZigBee, LoRa, WiFi, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, UDP, MODBUS, DNP3.
A full cycle of designing of microprocessor devices:
ASM, Keil (RL-RTX), IAR, Eclipse, AVR Studio, Atmel Studio, Simplicity Studio, Arduino, RaspberryP, QT5, LabView, Simulink, Matchcad, Matlab, PCAD, Altium Designer, LTSpice, CCS, FreeRTOS, CMSIS-RTOS, GitHub Development the communication program with PC (Borland C++ Builder, ะก#, Python, C GSS) for the work with peripherals for parallel and serial protocols.
There is the experience in development a data collection process automation spectral, photometric, radioisotope research equipment and processing the measurement results.
The experience included the development of software for cash registers, vending systems, various industrial equipment and electrical systems.
Recent development projects:
  • Gas control system for gas filling columns and others projects using MQTT and OPC UA protocols Read more ...
  • Soil sensor system Read more ...
  • Fourier harmonics analyzer for high-power systems Read more ...
  • Ultrasonic gas flow meter Read more ...
  • Optical analyzer degree of cleaning liquids Read more ...
  • Stand for the certification of thermal energy meters Read more ...
  • Endoscopic irrigation pump Read more ...
  • Managing Controller Automatic Laundry Read more ...
  • Wifi robots Read more ...
  • Low-price pilotless aircraft Read more ...
  • Digital Oscilloscope-data logger
  • Interface controller for controlling the filling station equipment
  • Logging and telemetry system with remote monitoring and control based on the GSM-modem and ZigBee radio modules
  • Device graphics and digital display
  • Controller thermal mechanism
  • Calibrator strain gauges
  • Verifier of heat energy metering devices
  • Controller diffraction monochromator
  • Controller industrial knitting machine control
  • Evaluation module for communication testing standard LoRa
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