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Project works since 2014.
government institution
Formations database of user actions on the base packages sent his computers to the network. System have to form database about all actions of user in network and to save this information long time.
Short description:
  • Automatic processing of each packets sent user's computer in the network
  • Automatic building the session of each user on the network
  • Automatic creation of report with date, time, data (IP address, port, MAC address) sender and recipient
  • Analysis session data on the defined rules, information about his violation
  • Definition hacker parameters who try to penetrate in to corporate network
  • Automatic functioning without administrator and the ability to define holes in information security
  • Processing data in others topology (local and cloud)
  • Reporting
  • System administration
  • System architecture built by using technology Big Data.
    Programming language:Java EE
    Frameworks: Hadoop, Apache Storm
    DB: Hbase (NoSQL)
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