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App for insurance company
This app provide a relationship of insurance employees with company clients. Thereby, support of clients occur the very fast, client gets a service without delays and in the small time.
  • Each employee has a own login/password
  • Enhanced security using the role / group
  • Access to the contracts of clients based roles/group
  • The confirmation for the each contract
  • All user action writes to log file
  • And etc…

  • Barometer
    Barometer app shows the current barometric pressure and can predict the weather for one day.
  • Easy-to-understand
  • It is possible to save the current data
  • Without advertising

  • Logitech Control
    Logitech Control App provides exclusive information about the game, important information about the system status and remote management PC, so that you can play games not only on PC, but on a mobile device.
  • Exclusive information about the game on your mobile device in real time (for supported games)
  • Check the performance of your PC and important status information on your mobile device
  • Remote control of the media settings on your PC
  • View all installed games on your PC

  • Game of truth
    Best not an online game of the year in all of Europe! With the new design! Find out the most intimate secrets of his friends which they would never have been told. With this game fun guaranteed - because everyone wants to know the truth about his friends. The rules are simple, but will only be able to play the most persistent - to speak only the truth and nothing but the truth!
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